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A Tinnitus Education

In my short tenure at Neuromonics, – I was just hired as CEO in November of 2013 – I have discovered that I’m in the business of education. I’m serious about this. What I see and hear as I talk with so many patients and audiologists across the US and Australia is that Neuromonics products are mending broken lives – lives placed on hold due to tinnitus.

And what many of these people are also telling me is that when they first experienced their tinnitus symptoms, their doctors or specialists told them that they were probably facing the remainder of their days battling a condition that is known to torment, even debilitate.

This is why I see my role is as an educator. Let’s change this mindset that tinnitus is a life sentence of unbearable torment at the hands of our auditory systems. There is hope, and that hope comes with some very simple treatments.

I want to point out the success patients using our easiest tinnitus treatment called the Sanctuary™ are experiencing. It’s designed to help you at the first rings of tinnitus. After your audiologist fits you with a Sanctuary, you use it as soon as you begin experiencing the symptoms. The beauty is its ease of use. While you listen to pleasant music, there is an embedded tone that stimulates the brain and eases the symptoms.

I’d like to suggest you read Dr. Peter Penico’s story. He used the Sanctuary and found it helped him return to work without the disturbance of tinnitus. You can ready about him here.

In the meantime, I’m so very lucky to have found a place with Neuromonics. It’s such an exciting opportunity for me and this talented team of individuals to create products that are truly changing, and in some cases, saving lives.