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Helping Audiologists Spread the Word on Effective Tinnitus Treatment

What I hear so often from patients is that they never knew there was help available for their tinnitus. That’s somewhat disheartening. Knowing that we at Neuromonics have some very reliable treatments available, it always frustrating to find out that few sufferers know what’s available to them for treatment.

It’s very discouraging for audiologists, too, when they know there are ways to help tinnitus sufferers. I do have some advice for audiologists on how they can spread the word that effective tinnitus relief is available.

Social media

If you use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlets, you already have a marvelous means of getting the word out and reach people you don’t personally know. Post your patient success stories (you don’t necessarily need to name a patient’s name), or your overall experiences with tinnitus treatments. Share your success stories with us! Let any of us at Neuromonics know, and we will include in our social media outreach.


Audiologists with websites can create a simple blog, and post patient success stories there. They can devote a section of the site to explaining tinnitus, how patients can start to get a measure of the severity of their tinnitus, and about effective treatment. At Neuromonics, we’re always looking for “Success Stories” to feature on our website. If you have particular experience with Neuromonics devices, or a patient who would like to share his/her story, just let us know.

News media

Have you ever considered making yourself available to the news media for interviews? Many newspapers and television stations employ reporters dedicated to covering medical news. We have seen some tremendous success stories with tinnitus sufferers using Neuromonics devices. If you have a patient who is willing to talk to a reporter and share his/her story, let us know. We have consultants who specialize in this area who will work with you to “pitch” the story to appropriate news media.


Some audiologists may find it beneficial to advertise online, in print media or even on radio or television. Done consistently and well, it can be effective in some areas. Neuromonics can even help with some templates for joint ads.


You might consider a lunchtime presentation that is open to everyone at no charge. Tell your patients, friends and colleagues that you will be offering an overview on tinnitus, its causes and available treatments. In some areas, you may be able to co-sponsor this type of event with, or at, a hospital or otolaryngology (ENT) practice. You will be positioning yourself as an expert in the field and find that more prospective patients and members of the medical field will be turning to you for help.

There are many ways of getting the word out to tinnitus sufferers that there are successful treatments available. Consider some of these suggestions, and let us know what works for you. We’d love to share those success stories as well.