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To Customize or Not to Customize

“Is my tinnitus bad enough that I need a customized treatment?”

Plenty of you probably wonder that when you start looking at treatments out there for tinnitus. If you suffer from tinnitus, you might consider it a minor nuisance. Or it may really be affecting your life. But what should you do?

An excellent first step is to identify an audiologist who is trained to administer the Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire (TRQ).  This self-report questionnaire does a remarkably good job of evaluating tinnitus distress. The tool will help your audiologist – and you – understand the severity of your tinnitus, and will give your audiologist a good picture of the level of your tinnitus and just how it impacts your life.

Armed with this information, your audiologist than can help guide your next decision: Would a customized solution with managed treatment be best for you? Would a mid-range device work? Or do you need a pre-programmed device that provides on-demand relief from your tinnitus?

Neuromonics’ products fit into each of these categories. The Neuromonics Oasis™, considered the gold standard in tinnitus treatment, is an FDA-cleared, patented device that offers long-term, significant relief for individuals with severe tinnitus. With the Oasis, a trained audiologist administers a long-term treatment protocol. Using calming, relaxing music, the Oasis is embedded with a neural stimulus that interacts with the tinnitus perception. The music, customized for each user’s audiological profile, engages the auditory pathways to promote neural plastic changes. Over time, these changes help the brain to filter out the tinnitus perception, reducing tinnitus disturbance and providing long-term relief from symptoms.

This week, we will be formally launching the next-generation Oasis. More user-friendly for both the audiologist and patient, the new Oasis will provide faster device fittings and even greater ability to customize for patients. Keep an eye out in our News Room for more on this Oasis tinnitus treatment.

The Neuromonics Haven™, introduced in January, is a management tool offering situational relief for tinnitus symptoms. With the ability for your audiologist to program and individualize hearing profiles, the Haven offers the best of Neuromonics’ technology with the freedom to obtain relief when you need it.

The Neuromonics Sanctuary™ also is a management tool. This device has pre-programmed profiles from which you and your audiologist can select. The Sanctuary provides relief when you need it, much like off-the-shelf reading glasses provide assistance to many people who need a little help when reading.
All the Neuromonics devices are simple to use, functions much like familiar consumer music players, and fit easily into patients’ lifestyles.

The decision on which type of device or treatment is an individual one – one with which an audiologist specializing in tinnitus can provide invaluable help. Partnered with your audiologist, you can make a choice that works for you, and experience some freedom from your tinnitus.